It’s tempting to lump all analysts together — a homogenous group who love SQL, spreadsheets and working with their headphones in. In reality, there are multiple disciplines within the field, which tend to appeal to different skillsets and personality types. Hopefully in this post I can shed some light on the relatively new area of Product Analytics, how to have the most impact within it, and what sets it apart from traditional BI.

What is Product Analytics?

Product Analytics concerns the ‘digital product’ — essentially your website and/or app. Your digital product might be your only product — perhaps you run a blog, or have created an app allowing users to track habits or make to-do lists. Alternatively, your digital product might be the first touchpoint for a user to buy services or physical goods. In many cases, there’ll be a mixture of these — perhaps a user can buy a physical product on your site, and then can self-serve any complaints or issues using a help feature. …


Lottie Linter

A Product Analyst with 9 years of experience working in-house for ecommerce brands across various industries, including aviation, FMCG and retail.

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